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User Testimonials

  • I've been using Mac Blu-Ray Ripper for 1 week without any problems, I'm very satisfied with this software.
  • It's working great so far. Doing exactly what it is supposed to. I use it to rip DVD's and Blu Rays to the 1080 PS3 format.
  • I ordered a few days ago our Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Software. It works absolute great and easy!!! So I copied a few Blu-ray with DIRECT COPY. That’s fine!
  • I do like the software! When I rip Blu Ray in the full copy, or direct copy mode it is very fast! Sometimes an hour.
  • It works great! I had several disks that "Mac Blu-ray ripper" could not rip. Your software decoded it with out any problems.
  • Your ripping software is outstanding, it's intuitive and easy to use.

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Novo 7 Blu-ray Mac Video Converter-Rip Blu-ray Movie to Novo 7 MP4

The Novo 7 ships with a decent 1GHz MIPS processor paired with a Vivante GC860 GPU, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi support, front and rear cameras, and the ability to play back full 1080P video. The resolution of the Novo 7 is likely to be 800×480 pixels with 7-inch capacitive display.



Nowadays, tablet PC has been used to play games, enjoy videos and reading e-books. It seems that more and more people would like to enjoy videos on tablet PC instead of the TV set because tablet is easy to carry with. However, a lot of people want to know is it possible to put Blu-ray on Novo 7 and watch Blu-ray movies on Novo 7 since there is no build in Blu-ray ROM. Here, I will show you how to convert HD Blu-ray movies to Novo 7 on Mac and put Blu-ray on Novo 7 with only 3 steps.


Pavtube Studio provides Blu-ray Ripper for Mac as the best Mac Blu-ray to Novo 7 converter for most Novo 7 users with the quick profile. The Novo 7 Blu-ray Mac video converter helps you rip Blu-ray movie to Novo 7 MP4 and transfer Blu-ray movies to Novo 7 for playing.


What you need:


1. Blu-ray discs

2. External BD Drive

3. Novo 7 with USB cable


Load BD/DVD in flexible ways.

No matter the Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray file structure folder on Mac hard drive, you can load the BD movie to Pavtube Mac Blu-ray to Novo 7 converter through the BD ROM button or Folder button.



Compress Blu-ray to MP4 for Novo 7.

The Novo 7 Blu-ray Mac video converter helps you transfer large file to Novo 7, and compresses 25GB or 50GB Blu-ray disc movie to 2GB or less for smaller size on Novo 7 tablet.


Export MP4 videos with changeable profile settings for Novo 7.

You can click to choose Android >> Nook Color (*.mp4) as the output format. Besides, you can set the profile to the suitable ones as you like.


Convert Blu-ray to Novo 7 on Mac with relative short time.

Benefit from the system acceleration, the conversion from Blu-ray to Novo 7 MP4 will not take you much time, and you can choose shut down the computer once the conversion finished.

Sounds Good?

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